What Makes Us Different?

We take a different, more whole-body approach than most practices
that addresses the system, not the symptom
What is different than physical therapy and pilates?

What Makes Us Different?

What is different than physical therapy and pilates?

We take a different approach than physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, pilates classes, yoga classes, and other structure focused program.

Most programs in this industry are still in the dark ages and stuck in their ways. They focus on isolated muscle contractions while missing the impact these movements have on the rest of the body.

“Maintain an evolving mindset: our practices and methods must continue to evolve”

Although they may appear to be “using the whole body”, it is not in a context that translates to every day life.

We are focused on RESULTS. And results are what you can expect when we combine your commitment and proven functional patterns methods. 

Our program includes an initial assessment. First, we review your standing posture. Second, we record a slow motion video of your running gait. Finally, we identify your imbalances, discuss them with you, and prioritize your main goal. We account for thousands of variables when it comes to changing your movements. 

The techniques we implement are devised from observing today’s best athletes or movers. Functional Patterns developed their techniques by studying top performing athletes like Barry Sanders, Floyd Mayweather, Usain Bolt, and Roger Federer. These top movers naturally have optimal mechanics. The techniques we implement mimic these movements.

If you want RESULTS, we are here to help you get them and achieve your goals.

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