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1-on-1 Biomechanics Training


Move As A Human was founded by Victor Kravutske, a personal trainer turned certified Functional Patterns practitioner. We exist to reconstruct the human body based on our biological roots and optimize quality of life for those seeking improved performance and a pain-free life.

Have you ever experienced an injury, physical discomfort, or just wanted to improve your physical performance?

We certainly have and we know what impact your body can have on your mood and your life. When we are able to move throughout our day without pain or discomfort, we are happier. When we are restricted or in constant pain, the days are tough.

Our 1-on-1 biomechanics training programs are designed to help you optimize your quality of life. We focus on results and base your training on the change you want to see. Our sessions are educational and engaging.

We empower each of our clients with tools they can use to identify bad habits and correct them. We want you to Move As A Human.

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Meet Victor Kravutske

Meet Victor Kravutske

Meet Victor Kravutske

I am a personal trainer certified in Functional Patterns dedicated to educating individuals on the role their mechanics play in the evolution of their life. I am passionate about identifying and solving problems that exist within the human body. I’m where institutional education meets out of the box perspective.

My passion for Functional Patterns was inspired by my active lifestyle. I went the traditional route playing sports, lifting weights, and eventually Ironman triathlons. While earning my Kinesiology degree, the approach seemed simple, “this muscle’s action is X, so train that muscle accordingly”.

Eventually, my body began breaking down. I started to experience chronic discomfort. I dealt with shoulder discomfort, hamstring issues, plantar fasciitis, and even scoliotic curves through my spine. After trying physical therapists and visiting doctors, I was still experiencing chronic discomfort, felt discouraged, and I did not see the desired results.

Thankfully, this was when I discovered Functional Patterns. A system that looks at the body as one global unit, instead of individual parts. While working as a personal trainer, I spent 2-3 hours a day training and learning. This was when I started to see results. My chronic discomfort was dissipating and I finally felt like myself again.

This life changing discovery happened back in 2016. I have since become certified as a Human Bio-Mechanics Specialist and continue to train and learn from other Functional Patterns practitioners.

Always a student of the game, I am committed to bring my best to every client, every session, and help others optimize the quality of their life.

Our Core Values


Maintain an evolving mindset

Our practices and methods must continue to evolve.


Whole-body approach

The root of the issue may not be where you are experiencing discomfort.


Conscious training leads to subconscious behaviors

To change your behavior, you have to actively think about your behavior.


Focus on the results

Base your training on the change you want to see.


Function over vanity

If you can move good, you will look good.


Optimize quality of life

Take control of your body today to live a better tomorrow.

benefits of Our Program

  • Improve walking and running
  • Sport-specific performance optimization
  • Maintain a healthy weight and decrease body fat
  • Optimize quality of life
  • Improve posture
  • Alleviate joint pain and discomfort
  • Correct structural imbalances
  • Improve muscle coordination
  • Become more resilient to stress

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