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We focus on the results. Our training programs are
based on the improvements our clients want to see.
We focus on the results. Our training programs are based on the improvements our clients want to see.

Whole-Body Approach

Address the system, not the symptom

Many have trekked the health and fitness industries looking for help, suffering along the way. Few have discovered Functional Patterns or experienced results.

During our lifetime, most of us will experience discomfort in our bodies. Whether it is caused by an injury or our daily routines, our bodies start to create imbalances.

Functional Patterns takes a whole-body approach that is focused on LONG-TERM RESULTS. We can overcome any hurdle you are facing and get results with your commitment and Functional Pattern’s proven track record.

Relaxed Standing Posture

Standing Posture
Standing Posture
Standing Posture
Standing Posture
Standing Posture
Standing Posture

I started doing FP 2 years ago to try and undo my chronic pain In My right forearm. Before FP I tried every therapy you can think of to get rid of my chronic pain to physical therapy, chiropractic, peptide shots, cortisone shots, massage therapy, to then even getting surgery. After trying all these therapies and getting surgery my-forearm kept getting worse and worse. It was at the point where I had no real desire to keep going and lost all hope. Then I started FP and it is the best decision I have ever made. I am now out of chronic pain  and can perform all the daily tasks needed and my body feels better than ever. I have experienced better athletic performance, mobility, and most importantly I am pain free! I would like to thank functional patterns, Naudi Aguilar, and Victor Kravutske, for putting in the countless hours to get me to where I am today! FP all day!

– Joe S.

I began working with Victor in July 2021. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with moderate to severe scoliosis, multiple pars fractures, and vertebrae/ disc issues. As time went on, my chronic pain increased dramatically, but I had reached a point medically where my team of doctors could no longer provide any guidance towards pain relief. As a competitive swimmer and soon-to-be college athlete, this news was extremely disheartening. I began to shorten my distance in the water and practically modify every aspect of my day-to-day life. I sought out Victor’s help because I was open and looking for anything to provide relief. Not only has relief been given to me these last few months, but I am thrilled to say my life is returning to some version of normal. Victor and the Functional Patterns program has demonstrated many techniques and tools I can now utilize confidently to assist me in my everyday life. This entire experience has been truly life-changing for me; I have seen positive impacts from massage work to breathing exercises. I can now swim longer distances in the water, sit/ stand for extended periods, wake up without pain, and more, all of this I never imagined happening. My life has been drastically improved over the course of two months, and I owe so much to Victor and the Functional Patterns program, for I am now finally doing everything I have missed out on the past four years! Victor is highly knowledgeable, and I felt as if he was always 100% interested in my journey/ progress. I highly recommend to any and everybody who is interested or curious!”


“I started training with Victor over two years ago when he gave me swimming lessons. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge, training methods and overall laid back personality while, at the same time, his ability to push me. When the pandemic hit, I reached out to Victor to help me become a long distance runner. Despite being in great shape to begin with, the results have been quite remarkable. His training exercises have focused on those areas of my body that help me run stronger, faster and longer. Equally important, he has taught me proper running form which, in turn, has led to my running in a relaxed, strong manner.
I couldn’t be happier with the work I’ve done with Victor. Being close to 70 years old, I’ve worked with many trainers and, bar none, Victor is the best. I highly recommend training with Victor. He’s in a class of his own.

– Edward S.
“I started working with Victor over two years ago because I was having back spasms a couple times a year. He showed me new ways to exercise and strengthen my core, many that I could do even at home with limited equipment. What has been hugely beneficial for me has been the massage work he taught me, along with images showing where they are on my body, to pinpoint certain muscles and help them relax.”
– Brad R.

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