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  1. Functional Patterns certified Human Biomechanics Specialist Level-2
  2. Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Michigan State University
  3. Over 10,000 hours of training sessions
  4. Dedicated to helping people live pain-free
  5. Saved a client from a knee replacement surgery
  6. Doesn’t wear shoes from June-October
  7. Enjoys the sunrise with his hands in the dirt

Meet Victor Kravutske

Meet Victor Kravutske, a certified Functional Patterns personal trainer dedicated to educating individuals on the role their body’s mechanics play in their daily lives. Victor is passionate about identifying and solving problems within the human body. He brings a unique perspective that combines institutional education with an out-of-the-box approach.

Journey to Functional Patterns

Victor’s journey with Functional Patterns was inspired by his active lifestyle, where he played sports, lifted weights, and competing in Ironman triathlons. As he earned his Kinesiology degree at Michigan State University, he thought the approach was simple, “this muscle’s action is X, so train that muscle accordingly”.

Eventually, Victor’s body started to break down. He experienced chronic discomfort like shoulder issues, hamstring problems, plantar fasciitis, and scoliotic curves in his spine. Despite trying physical therapy and visiting doctors, he faced challenges and felt discouraged.

Thankfully, Victor discovered Functional Patterns, a system that looks at the body as a cohesive unit rather than isolated parts. While working as a personal trainer, he spent 2-3 hours each day training and learning and started to see remarkable results. His chronic discomfort dissipated, and he finally felt like himself again.

Training Focus & Approach

This life-changing discovery happened back in 2016. Victor has since become certified as a Human Bio-Mechanics Specialist. He continues to train and learn from other Functional Patterns practitioners. Victor remains a student of the game. He continues to learn from his mentor and actively mentors other practitioners. He is committed to bringing his best to every client and every session, helping others optimize the quality of their lives.

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