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  1. Functional Patterns certified Human Biomechanics Specialist Level-2
  2. Loves going on long nature walks
  3. Enjoys playing tennis and training Functional Patterns
  4. Favorite sports team is the Detroit Lions

Meet Joseph Stafford

Joseph Stafford is a Level 1 Functional Patterns certified Human Biomechanics Specialist. With over 5,000 hours of experience in Functional Patterns training, Joseph is recognized for his expertise in helping clients achieve optimal movement and posture to alleviate pain and enhance performance.

Journey to Functional Patterns

Joseph’s path to Functional Patterns was driven by a personal story. As an avid tennis and golf player, Joseph began experiencing imbalances and dysfunctions in his posture and movement. This lead to chronic pain. Despite trying physical therapy, cryotherapy, cortisone shots, and even surgery, he found no lasting relief.

This all changed when he started working with Victor Kravutske and Move As A Human. Through Functional Patterns, Joseph experienced a remarkable improvement in his pain and regained the ability to do the things he loves. This ignited his passion for helping others achieve similar results.

Training Focus & Approach

Joseph’s passion lies in getting people out of pain and allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest. He is deeply committed to being the best Functional Patterns practitioner he can be and continuously developing his skills to help clients optimize their bodies and health. Joseph aims to inspire others to excel in their athletic pursuits without limitations and pursue their goals with confidence.

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