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  1. Functional Patterns certified Human Biomechanics Specialist Level-1
  2. A visual artist that loves making art, jewelry, and soap
  3. Spends time outdoors with her dogs, gardening, and hiking
  4. Dance is her life, her grandma was a Hollywood Merrill Abbott dancer

Meet Heather Marie

Heather Marie is a dedicated Human Foundations Practitioner and soon-to-be Human Biomechanics Specialist Level 1, with a deep passion for movement and healing. With over 20 years of dance experience, Heather Marie has trained and instructed across the US and Canada. She has earned certifications from Fat Chance Belly Dance and The Salimpour School of Dance. She also holds a certificate in Dance Therapeutics Level 1 led by Deb Rubin, showcasing her commitment to incorporating healing modalities into her practice.

Journey to Functional Patterns

Heather Marie’s journey with Functional Patterns began when her partner’s health started deteriorating rapidly. She was inspired to pursue Functional Patterns when she witnessed the transformative impact it had on her partner’s health.

Heather discovered how poor biomechanics from her dance training and life traumas had caused imbalances in her structure, resulting in various health issues. Determined to overcome these challenges, she embraced Functional Patterns protocols and found relief from depression, autoimmune disorders, asthma, insomnia, and other issues.

Training Focus & Approach

Heather is passionate about learning, experiencing, and enjoying life. She is on a mission to help strengthen the Functional Patterns community and share knowledge that inspires others to live pain-free and be the best version of themselves. She is currently focused on developing her skills as a Functional Patterns Practitioner and investing in her future self to live her best life. She hopes to lead by example with the motto of train smarter, not harder.

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